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Tensions, which had reached a peak after the Boston Massacre, had cooled. However, the hiatus ended on June 9, when the customs schooner Gaspee ran aground near Providence, Rhode Island. The Gaspee was known to have been very much involved in customs racketeering, and the crew was known for its thievery and condescension toward the colonists. That night, helpless in the mud, the Gaspee was burnt to the water line by a crowd of over a hundred disguised men. This signaled the reopening of conflict between the colonists and British government.

In the fall of , Lord North was preparing to begin paying royal governors out of customs revenue. In response to this threat, Samuel Adams convinced Boston's town meeting to request that every Massachusetts community appoint a group of individuals responsible for coordinating colony-wide measures to protect colonial rights. Within the year, Massachusetts had approximately of these committees of correspondence, and the idea spread throughout New England. In these letters, Hutchinson advocated "an abridgement of what are called British liberties," and "a great restraint of natural liberty" in the colonies.

The publication of these letters convinced Americans of a British plot to destroy their political freedom. Meanwhile, in March , Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and Richard Henry Lee had proposed that Virginia establish a committee of correspondence for the entire colony. By late , nearly every colony had followed suit, and the political leaders of every colony were linked in resistance to the British. It was this situation that allowed the colonies to mobilize fully for rebellion over the coming years.

Boston Massacre : The York Massacre

Bostonians regarded the troops stationed there as a standing army, and a clear violation of their rights as British subjects. Their presence was further resented by Bostonians because many of the soldiers were Irish Catholics, and a number were black. Most of the enlisted men were free to seek employment during the day after their duties were performed in the morning muster.

History Brief: The Boston Massacre

They often agreed to work for much less than local laborers, and in so doing provoked outrage in a city with consistently high unemployment. As anti-British sentiment grew, the troops, as the physical manifestation of British authority, became more than ever a symbol of oppression. How did their mind change all of a sudden. Well, there are many reasons as to why the colonists declared independence.

England brought the American Revolution onto them when they did such terrible things to the colonists They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that is power because they control the minds of the masses. One of the most controversial matters that was on local and international TV news, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and social media sites is the Boston Marathon Bombings which occurred in April 15th last year.

There were many opinions about who committed that massacre However, most huge brawls consist of a build-up of small events that causes one to explode. Feuds between the American colonists and the British have been heating up and the Americans have officially gotten fed up. Therefore, to have a voice, they dumped tea into the Boston harbor.

Primary Sources of Boston Massacre

They all had a little role of enraging the colonist giving them what seemed only one option, to start the sons of liberty which in returned led to what we now today as the Boston tea party which upset parliament causing them to react back to them in a way the colonist would have never expected or even thought would ever happen after not having rules or taxes ever been set for them the start of taxation really upset the colonist as well as the economy, Leading to the making of the continental congress No city in the United States is as blessed as Boston when it comes to historical sites.

All of the sites that I will describe to you are a part of the Freedom Trail. Anyone interested in traveling to Boston for the first time should check out the Freedom Trail. Boston was founded on September 17, and has a rich historical background making it a very important city in the United States. Good Essays words 2. But not everyone understands the importance of it, and why the Tea Party is still remembered today. All of these powerful things were gained after winning the war against Great Britain during the American Revolution.

But what many people do not realize are all the leading contributions that of which helped start the revolution. One great aspect in getting the kettle burning was the city of Boston, Massachusetts, with non stop revolting, the Boston Tea Party, and also the Boston Massacre, all as contributing factors.

To the Brink: The Boston Massacre and the Committees of Correspondence

Free Essays words 3. Paul Revere was a master silversmith in Boston and was well known for his work. Revere is also known for his propaganda sketch of Boston Massacre of that helped rally the colonist behind the Revolution. Paul Revere is a great example of an ordinary man that becomes a politically involved and is symbolically represents the American Revolution as the start of changing history It marked not only the end of a tyrannical rule by King George, but also the creation of a world power.

This voyage to democracy began in Boston, Massachusetts in , after Captain Thomas Preston was accused of commanding his troops to fire on a mob of rioting civilians led by the rebel group the Sons of Liberty. This event, known as the Boston Massacre started one of the greatest uprisings in history.

Preston sought out John Adams as his lawyer By examining the material, an explanation of why this massacre occurred is drawn. The main factors that lead to the My Lai assault were difficulty engaging with the enemy and the problem of distinguishing between the enemy soldiers and civilians, which both led to rage and frustration among soldiers and a misinterpretation of the mission. On March 17, , a mission was given to the Charlie company to go into the village of My Lia or Pinktown, and engage in battle with the enemy It was the product of an imperial struggle, an argument between French and England over territory and wealth.

The war began in November , young George Washington and other men headed to the French fort. Washington had a message to deliver to French troops to withdraw from the English territory. The French rejected English demands. He was sent to build a fort close to French fort. George Washington without even knowing he declared the first shots that started The French and Indian War This revolution helped us to eventually declare our independence in from our mother country of Great Britain.

Twelve years later, the thirteen colonies were at war with Great Britain. Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. On the rise are many different twists that come about from events happening.

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There are many different conspiracy theories in the world today including, included in the top ten lists of conspiracy theories is the Sandy Hook elementary shooting, the Boston Marathon bombings, as well as the September 11th terrorist attacks Revere is very much known to people for his famous ride to Lexington in His life was filled with an involvement in politics, industry, and community service The Paul Revere House.

Revere was a veteran of the French and Indian war and led anti-British agitation after the Stamp Act passed in Strong Essays words 5. The change from being loyal colonies under a monarchy, to rebellious colonies fighting against the crown to be able to eventually establish a new country with a different form of government is an epic transformation. The effects of this Revolution remain evident when people examine the everyday life of modern day Americans. Some main topics discussed are: average people in historical events, how groups of people view the past, and how memories are shaped over time.

Hewes is not the only person discussed in the story, yet this book is essentially a biography of his life. Ultimately, within this essay, I will demonstrate the understanding of The Shoemaker and the Tea Party, and effectively discuss the main topics during the course of this story There were many causes of the American Revolution and even though some contributed more than others at the end the outcome was the same: War.

The British had a seven-year war with the Indians and French in America that started in and did not end until with the British and French signing the Treaty of Paris. The British came out victorious but war always comes with a price. Fighting a war is very expensive and it left Britain with a ton of debt There were many different events that occurred during the time that led up to the American revolution. However, what they were not taught was the events before the Boston Tea Party that had a heavy influence for the separations of the colonies from Great Britain and those included the French and Indian war, the stamp act, the Townshend act, the Boston massacre, the tea act, and the Boston tea party.

Contrary to what most students believe, the Boston tea party was not the main event that angered the colonists and pushed them the edge and to the separation of the thirteen colonies from Britain He was born in Braintree, Massachusetts, which is now known as Quincy, Massachusetts.

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One source said that it depends on the calendar that was in use at the time, therefore, his birthday is either January 12 or 23, At the beginning, the need to rely on parent countries was so strong that colonies did not question its authority, but as time went on this of course started to change. There are several events that lead to the American Revolution.

I will be discussing these events starting in with the French and Indian War and ending with the Declaration of Independence However, he was put into the conflict concerning the revolt for freedom through destiny and political views. Hewes had several reasons and many experiences that led to him to partake in the American Revolution.

Hewes was poor and often ran over.

What happened during the Boston Massacre?

He was tired of all the British military presence because of Parliament, and he disliked how domineering, and violent the military men were. He was also bullied and harmed by Loyalists, like John Malcolm Young as he pulls information from two biographies written about Hewes.

Even though this is not completely accurate, the story behind the Boston tea party helped to shape the new world. The Tea Act was the final straw of a long list of taxes and laws that Great Britain implemented on the colonists that led to the Boston Tea Party and eventually led to the American Revolution. At the start of , Great Britain had acquired large sums of debt from their involvement in the French and Indian war In an attempt to create more revenue in America, Parliament passed the Sugar Act in The Sugar Act would reduce the tax on imported molasses from six pence to three pence, but this tax would be collected by British soldiers.

The act also made it illegal to trade molasses with other countries, such as the Spanish and French, regulating trade between the colonies and Britain It began in the rainy season of April due to rising tension between the colonist and Britain. Several of the taxes they rebelled against where the Tea Act of , and the Stamp Act of Due to the rebellion of the colonist Britain imposed the Coercive Acts to reaffirm their position of power over the colonist Better Essays words 5 pages Preview.

Soon after, the British passed many laws, and did many things that caused an uproar among the colonists. The Parliament further enforced the Navigation Acts that were established in , but that was only the start.

What happened during the Boston Massacre?

They passed the Townshend Duties Act, and eliminated the protest group that fabricated a document against the British Parliament Generally speaking, the American Revolution was essentially the war waged against Great Britain by the Colonials residing within the Thirteen Colonies. Their purpose: To break away from the motherland and authoritatively become a self-governed society parted from Great Britain. Although the Revolutionary War solitarily is a pivotal matter in the evolution of United States history, the events leading up to the revolution play a significant role in further enhancing the comprehension of Americ Some of the reason include the fact that he is a renowned American author, narrator, historian, and lecturer.

During this time the tension between the American colonies and Great Britain was quickly on the rise. Within a short period after the war ended, with the Treaty of Paris, the colonists showed not toleration for the newly implemented policies, imposed by the British parliament. The primary reason that the British passed tax laws and other policies is because they wanted to acquire revenue from the American colonies. The war was costly, and the British were left with a hefty debt Many memorable actions and disputes in history appear to have been planned due to the need or strong desire for social change, such as the War of , the Pacific War, and even the Battle of Fort Sumter.

The American Revolution, however, appears to be unplanned as it appears more as an action of fighting against inequality from the British to ensure the beginning for social change in America, rather than a planned mean for change How were they different.