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Aural learners benefit from being able to replay critical portions of learning activities for better retention. Tactile learners benefit from task-based, interactive simulations.


Social learners benefit from discussion forums that connect with classmates and instructors. Get Started Today.

Nursing (Accelerated Coursework Track), B.Sc.

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Get Started. Call Call Us. Online Accelerated Nursing Coursework An online accelerated nursing education is just as demanding as an on-campus format.

Participate in simulated learning activities. Interact with other students via a discussion forum. Join scheduled chat sessions with instructors.

Master of Nursing (Coursework and Specialisation)

Stay organized via the calendar management function. Online Courses Fit Different Learning Styles Every student learns differently, making the online learning environment ideal.

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Aural learners can listen to lectures as many times as necessary or replay critical portions. Tactile learners benefit from task-based simulations and 3-Dimensional graphics.

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  8. Social learners can interact with others via a discussion forum. Tips for Online Learning While an online accelerated nursing education affords you a greater level of flexibility, it should be approached with the same dedication and self-discipline as a traditional on-campus program.

    To help you successfully navigate our online nursing curriculum, we offer these tips: Connect with your instructors early and often to build rapport and understand expectations. Learn when your instructors have scheduled office hours, and prepare accordingly.

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    Find out how quickly you can expect an email response from your instructors. Dedicate routine time blocks for online coursework so you stay on track. Leverage your online calendar to manage assignment deadlines, test dates and clinical hours.