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What Is Plagiarism?

This means not only changing some words; it means writing completely new sentences that refer to the idea. Make sure to construct different sentence structures and to use different words when necessary. Think of paraphrasing as talking about the idea in your own words. Paraphrasing may prove lengthy and difficult; it may take fifteen minutes to paraphrase a single idea. Those fifteen minutes, however, may spell the difference between graduation and expulsion. If not copy-pasting, recycling old works may become a strategy for students to write their essays.

Sometimes, it may be an essay that a student himself wrote before for a past project; other times, it is one made by another person. This is intended not so much as a workaround to plagiarism, but rather as a shortcut to finish essays. Some students just want the essay requirement over with. Regardless, this does become a matter of plagiarism. Recycling old works can become a careless ordeal. A student might unintentionally write a string of words, or even entire sentences, that are similar or even the same as one from the older work. Worse still, the old essay is an entry that is stored in the database of Turnitin.

When the recycled essay is submitted, it gets matched with the older essay - plagiarism. To this end, quotations and paraphrasing are effective methods of avoiding plagiarism. However, what works best when it comes to writing an essay is to write it entirely from scratch. It may be very difficult, considering that novelty in ideas is not easy to attain, to say the least. In the end, it is a worthwhile investment of time and effort when plagiarism is concerned. The worst that may happen is a few negligible flags on texts that bear no distinct intellectual substance as to constitute plagiarism.

The next steps are on how to hit the nail in the coffin in avoiding plagiarism for good. How else can you make your paper tight-knit, especially from plagiarism? Whenever you make references from different sources, not only should you mention them one-by-one. A powerful, cohesive strategy is to produce sentences with a conglomerate substance of various sources.

Substantially, the strength of the argumentation of your paper is greatly amplified. More importantly, it will avoid plagiarism like the plague. While some published works have their own variations, it is a rare chance for two variations to be entirely the same. If it does happen, very rarely is it of grave concern. There are research works that share the same pool of sources, yet discuss them in different manners. Of course, it is still vital to do the alternative strategies advised here. Quoting the sources is all right, but paraphrasing the sources are best, since the former may limit the way you formulate sentence structure, while the latter gives a much bigger space for expressing and transitioning your ideas.

Aside from a proper, original usage of words and sentences, citation is the other main half of making sure that a paper does not contain plagiarism, that it is an all-original or custom essay.

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Whenever a student uses ideas from a source, he must always cite that source in his work. A simple mention is not enough. In the realm of education and research, especially, a systematic method of citing sources properly should be followed to make sure that the sources are properly mentioned. One of the essential components of citing properly is the citation style, which is the kind of style of citing sources by following the appropriate format.

There are different kinds of citation styles that are distinctly used based on their specialized use in fields of study. For instance, the MLA citation format is used particularly for students, while the Chicago Manual of Style has a method for Arts papers, another for Science papers. This is a vital factor to consider, as each professor assigns a different citation style for his class from another professor. Take great care, for instance, not to use Harvard style when APA is required.

Regardless of citation style, there are always two parts of citing sources in papers: the bibliography and the in-text citations. The bibliography is a section of the essay which serves as the directory that lists down all of the pertinent sources that are used in the essay.

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This is where professors or other readers look to if they are curious of the sources from where the student used his information. The entries of a bibliography must follow a specific formatting prescribed by the citation style. The formatting will depend on the type of material used. Accompanying the bibliography is the in-text citations. Commonly, there are two ways of doing in-text citations.

One is the parenthetical form, where a brief citation is made in a parenthesis containing the author, year of the publication of the source, or page, depending on the source.

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Sometimes, footnotes are utilized as a means of citation within the body text. These are vital in making sure that a paper has a complete citation. A bibliography alone can only serve as a directory of the sources used.

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