Essay on craze for coaching classes

There many of the web and mobile applications available to the students for study purposes and exam preparations. The traditional paper notes are being replaced by e-notes which can be accessed anytime anywhere. Teachers are using tablets and laptops to organize the lecture contents, course schedules, and presentations.

Black boards are becoming obsolete in schools and colleges as teachers are now using the presentation software to deliver lectures effectively. These can include high-resolution pictures, diagrams, video clips, and text which keeps the student engaged throughout the classes. Teachers are now using course management tools for organizing the resources and class contents.

These course management tools allow the teachers to post class materials and course syllabus. They can record grades, share announcements, and discuss various topics with the class students.

Proliferation of coaching centres

Students can also post assignments and access the materials provided by the teachers. Instructors can now record their lectures and make them available digitally to the students through the web. There are a number of screen capturing tools available which allow the teachers even to live-stream their lectures. This allows the teachers to share their content beyond the classrooms and has given rise to virtual classrooms. The students can review the lectures or even access them from their home if they are not able to commute to the schools.

Home Tuition vs Coaching Institute

Working on projects and assignments is no more a hustle now. The online collaboration tools allow the students and teachers to share information, discuss and brainstorm ideas over the same platform. Students can work together on projects and solve different problems. These tools can also be used for time management, workflow routing, milestones, and calendaring by the teachers as well as students. There is no doubt that integrating technology into the classrooms is an asset to the students and the teachers as well.

There are no more geographical limitations on learning or teaching.

Impact of Fashion on Students

Students are more excited to learn as they have new learning methods to choose from. Teachers are coming up with effective teaching strategies and making classrooms much fun than ever before. It has been his passion and vision to help the students across the globe that he along with his co-founder started with this venture.

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Another alarm for the education infrastructure in the cities is the migration of rural population to the urban areas. As per reports, from , the rural population has decreased from It has made the dream of affordable and accessible education to all far-fetched. The biggest burn is taken by the middle-class families who drive the nation.

Coaching Classes Benefits, Coaching Advantages and Disadvantages

The idea of high school and college students taking the coaching class has penetrated deep into our society. But we hardly see anyone analyzing the effectiveness of coaching institutes. Children receive either individual care or are put into classes with smaller student-to-teacher ratio. But is the coaching class culture causing more harm than good?

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The rise of coaching classes has jeopardized the schooling culture. They are wasting valuable resources and time in the process.

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Most good teachers have now left their school jobs and entered the lucrative business of coaching, where they get better pay and autonomy too. There is no scope for inquisitiveness as students are encouraged to accept things given in the textbooks.

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After school, students straight away head to the coaching classes, where an already fatigued mind learns less than its ability. Many times, students are caught chatting over the phone and listening to music in the class because of stress. There has been an increase in the cases of headache, neck ache, obesity, eye-related issues in students because of their hectic lifestyle.

That population is estimated to be around million. Coaching classes cause a dent in the pocket.

Tuition Quotes

All the big names in the field of IIT coaching charge more than a lakh per year for their two years classroom course. So, by those numbers, coaching fees take the salt of food for any average family. But names like Anand Kumar of the Super 30 fame cannot be ignored, where he teaches the underprivileged students of the society and has got excellent success track record in IIT JEE. Many school teachers earn their supplementary income through tuition centres and agencies.

Some teachers 'advertise' their tuition classes and coach those who attend their classes on how to tackle examination questions.

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Their focus is primarily rote learning. Notwithstanding, there is a huge, and still growing trend, among local parents who send their kids to tuition.

Given the immense academic competition attributed to foreign scholars and the proliferating private-tuition trend, some parents feel that they have little choice but to engage tuition centres or opt for home tuition. Tuition centres are a very competitive business in Singapore.