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The Issue of Corporal Punishment in Schools

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Embarassment as their parents who was banned be banned be considered cruel and in this essay. Student s theory of corporal punishment: school essay.

K was the court s essay corporal punishment for their children in schools in. According to experiments done and data observed, male teachers are much more likely to use corporal punishment as a consequence.

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It has also been found that male middle school students are more susceptible to corporal punishment and that in any age group males are more inclined to receive this type of punishment than females Hyman, Clarke, Erdlen 4. I can agree, in some ways, that the administration may need to be monitored more so that it is done fairly. However, the experiment from which this data came did not consider the behavior of different age groups or the behavior of male students compared to the behavior of female students.

The use of corporal punishment should be a last resort punishment reserved for a time in which other methods have already been tried Jambor This is true and therefore I think that the authorities that can administer corporal punishment should be restricted in order to create a fairer use of the consequence. If a student must be sent to a principal or vice principal to receive corporal punishment, I think that it would become a more fair and effective way to discipline a student.

Never should a student receive corporal punishment as a first resort consequence for being disruptive or not doing their work.

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However, I do believe that if an administrator thinks that an offense may be serious enough, then he or she has the right to use his or her own discretion to determine if corporal punishment will be necessary and effective. Although I do think that corporal punishment should be allowed and practiced in schools, I can agree that it needs to be administered with caution. There must be a line drawn so that corporal punishment cannot and does not turn into child abuse.

I will admit that there are alternative punishments that may initially be more effective than corporal punishment and that these alternatives should definitely be used first. Only when all possibilities have been exhausted should the use of corporal punishment become the solution. In reference to parens patriae, when a parent sends a child to receive an education funded and provided by the state, the state has the right to determine what type of punishment may be administered. Lastly, I do believe that if corporal punishment is administered for any reason, it is necessary that a parent or guardian of the student be notified of the reason and the previous steps taken to discipline the child before the use of corporal punishment.

I think that this would be beneficial to keep it professional and to increase awareness of how the system is not being abused. However, the right to use corporal punishment in schools when necessary should be legal and should not be questionable. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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Corporal Punishment in Schools

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