Employee essay in persuasive privacy right workplace

Privacy in the Workplace Essay - Privacy in the Workplace Introduction Technology has developed in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Search Term:. Some people you may work with may have Aids, Cancer, Leukemia, and other diseases. This should be confidential due to other employees? That will make an employee feel uncomfortable in the workplace.

Privacy in the workplace

Something that should be placed on the application among being hired is to have a box to check that disclosing any personal information about another employee should lead to some kind of disciplinary action. This will let people being hired know that this is something that is being taken seriously and can cause their job. Equal Opportunities within the Workplace When starting a job, training is usually one of the courses that are given. Personal or classroom training should be given on every job and should not be something that is rushed.

Employees in the workplace do not qualify for certain jobs due to the lack of training, this cause for the employee not to have advancement in the workplace. When hiring someone they should have the equal opportunity to be trained, to understand the job a lot of companies look past the college education when having the trained skills and also even when you do have the education you still may not be hired if you do not have the experience.

But if you can not get the proper training, it is sometimes hard to get ahead. Some people do not catch on as fast as others, everyone is not hands on. Training will provide the opportunity to learn the job, and prevent mistakes. Verses to when you learn hands on, you make mistakes to learn the job.

This can cost the company to have the mistakes corrected. Training is also something that should be given periodically, refresher courses. This will help employees to be refreshed on what they have learned in the beginning and to make sure that every one is on the right page. When learning, it is important that everyone understands the same way. You do not want everyone to have different understandings. It also does not set a good example for the company.

Advancements within the company not made available are a big concern in the workplace.

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In some cases certain employees are denied the advancement due to gender, age or race. In researching this law enforces employment should not be discriminated from race, sex, national origin, and religion. The employee should have the equal opportunity to interview for the job regardless. Employee Evaluation into Pay Raises Employees should be offered raises when meeting goals upon the evaluation. All employees do not put in as much effort as others, but still get paid the same.

This discourages the employees that put in the majority of the effort. Pay raises should be given to acknowledge the appreciation of their work.

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  • Employee essay in persuasive privacy right workplace!

But it should also be evaluated by the amount of work you have accomplished, everyone should not be the same because every do not retrieve the same amount of work, and do as hard as others. In order to make sure that this policy is followed there should be a union in every company to back this up. Union requirements are to make sure that whatever the company agrees upon with the employees is met. The union is to also fight for the employees when treated unfairly, this will help also to save the employees job.

The Union usually has meetings to let the union employees know what is going on. It is important to know when a job brings in the union. It is not required for the employee to be apart of the union. Some employees feel that they do not need someone? It should be a fee that is taken out of your pay check for the union representing you, which usually is.

Know that the union will make sure that you know all of your rights. Employers say the changes in traditional pension plans, health insurance and other non-salary? Cooper The union will let you know what is going on within your company to stop the discriminating against older workers and retirees as well.

Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring Privacy Rights

They are just as beneficial to the company as well as any other employee. Employees Expressing Their Concern Even though employees should be flexible with change, they still should be able to express their concerns when changing. Upper management feels sometimes when employees express their concerns that they are not being flexible.

They look at it as complaining. The employee wants to be heard as well. A lot of times suggestions that are made make a difference.

When you are managing it is easy to see what is better for the employee to do, but when you do not do the same work the employee do, it is best to hear their concerns involving change. One on one conversation is good for upper management to have with the employee to know how the employee feels towards the concerns of the job, it also covers privacy.

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Employee essay in persuasive privacy right workplace

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