Descriptive essay on a painting

Give them an example of one to look at.

Once the students have a good understanding of what a still life is or can be, divide the class into two groups. Give each group a different painting of still life to observe.

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Have each group create a graphic organizer such as a circle, idea map, or word bank about the still life they were given. Tell them to list everything they see in the still life.

Paintings of the Old Masters

For English language learners, you may wish to provide a word bank already containing words that may describe the still life, or you might display real objects that are visible in the still life. Have each student write a three-paragraph essay that describes the still life in detail.

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The essay should provide enough information for someone to draw the still life based solely on the written description. After students complete their first drafts, have them proofread their essays and revise them as needed.

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Tell each student to trade essays with a classmate in the other group. Then pass out white construction paper and drawing pencils. Writing Help.

The world of art is so multifaceted, captivating, and full of images waiting to boost your thinking, as well as imagination. Particularly worth attention is surrealism, the direction that is so loudly unusual and ambiguous but at the same time so thought-provoking.

Example of Descriptive Essay | Leonardo Da Vinci | Paintings

The beauty is versatile, and the beauty of this piece of surrealistic painting is a vivid example of it. The artist who created this invaluable piece of art obviously did not skimp on using striking colors so typical of the direction in which he preferred to work.

Rich red, blue and black paint strokes are so different from our minds paintings of objects and people. They evoke various illusions and associations in order to create a powerful and harmonious piece of art. Although it might resemble the works of other more prominent and well-known artists, this work captivates eyes and allures to immerse in its depth, in its melded shades created, at first sight, by incompatible colors.

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The example of painting provides an insight into the mysterious world of surrealism. The general overview of the painting makes the impression of being quite abstract, but what it has to offer is so vague, you have to look beyond the frames, moving step by step from one corner to another. It is necessary to start with the top left one as it represents the crucial point here. The light strokes join the black ones in order to embrace the blurred image of a dragon trapped in the darkness of its cave. Or at least, that is what conjures up in our imagination from observing the layers of paint overlaid one over the other.

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When blue, white, red and yellow join together in this magical dance on the canvas, the curvy shapes of paint create the illusion of water with its waves, shining in the dim light of the blurred sun. Moving further to the down corners of the painting, our eyes stumble upon another peculiarity of this mesmerizing piece of art. The play of rich colors dwindles to monotonic but not less attractive color — flaming, catchy red that covers all the surface of what is believed to be is underneath the dragon and its cave.