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Ward Power is defined as the controlling entity that cannot be escaped from those who are less superior. From this novel, many characters undergo highs and lows of this concept.

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The setting takes place in a mental institution located in Oregon, where. He held long conversations with the inmates in order to gain a better understanding of them. Most of the characters in the novel are based upon actual patients he met while working at. This book has been criticized by many around the country and has even been considered to be banned in high schools nationwide. It does have some bizarre language, and some obscene scenes, but every great literature attempts to give an.

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  • In one in five Americans experienced some sort of mental illness, and only about 60 percent of people with mental illness get treatment each year1. Ultimately, the story tells of how insanity can be brought. The novel describes the inner workings of a mental institution, how the patients are emasculated and mistreated by the terrifying Nurse Ratched, who will go to any length to control them.

    But in comes McMurphy, a criminal who chose to go to an asylum rather than serve physical labor; he disrupts the order of the hospital with. This is where he was first introduced to LSD. The moment he tried it, he became addicted, and began experimenting on himself with the drugs, observing the effects. In the film, McMurphy's character remains the same roguish noncomformist up until his lobotomy. The book, however, details Chief's observations of McMurphy's short-lived attempt to conform to Nurse Ratched's rules and the other patients' distrust of McMurphy engendered by Nurse Ratched, as well as McMurphy's increasing sadness and sensing of his own withering strength and impending doom.

    The film also differs from the novel in its depiction of the events leading to McMurphy's introduction to electroshock therapy. The novel carefully establishes a character not in the film, Big George. George's obsession with cleanliness is established prior to the fishing excursion, and becomes a pivotal plot element when Nurse Ratched orders the African-American orderly, Washington, to administer an enema to George in the shower.

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    Washington's threatening behavior toward George prompts McMurphy to reluctantly challenge the orderly. The resulting melee is the impetus for Nurse Ratched to send McMurphy and his accomplice, Chief Bromden, to the Disturbed Ward, where they receive electroshock therapy. Perhaps the most telling difference between the film and the novel is the ending.

    The novel contains an episode missing from the film wherein Chief observes a dog sniffing gopher holes from the hospital window. The dog is distracted by a flock of geese forming a cross against a full moon. The dog chases the geese toward a road where it is implied the dog will confront an automobile with the inevitably tragic result that machine will triumph over nature.

    Coincidentally, this is the same course the Chief follows when he escapes from the hospital, giving the novel's resolution a degree of uncertainty as to whether the Chief will succeed in the outside world or succumb to a worse fate in a world increasingly overrun by dehumanizing mechanization.

    The film's conclusion, however, depicts Chief running from the hospital toward what the viewer assumes is happiness and liberty.

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    Exhibiting pronounced differences from the novel, the film nonetheless retains the themes of natural versus institutional, the battle of creative nonconformity against arbitrary and autocratic authority, the redemptive qualities of unrepressed sexuality, and the desultory effects of unbalanced feminine dominance. While the film is generally regarded a cinematic masterpiece, Ken Kesey has vowed he will never view it due to disputes with the film's producers, Michael Douglas and Saul Zaentz.

    Douglas's father, the actor Kirk Douglas, was the first actor to portray McMurphy in the s stage version of the novel. Former Creedence Clearwater Revival singer-songwriter John Fogerty's perception of Zaentz's business practices, coincidentally, were the subject of a disparaging song and video entitled "Zaentz Can't Dance.

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    Pop Quiz! Bromden and the rest of the patients, along with the staff at the ward, feel emasculated by the head nurse, Nurse Ratched. O-U-T- spells out Not according to Ken Kesey. The main character, or protagonist is Randle P. McMurphy, a convicted criminal and gambler who feigns insanity to get out of a prisoners work ranch. She is in charge of running the mental ward. The novel is narrated by a patient of the hospital, an American Indian named Chief Bromden.

    Chief Bromden has been a patient…. The entire novel is set in a psychiatric ward of a hospital with the exception of a fishing trip led by McMurphy. This novel is an account on the inhumane practice on mental patients…. One Flew over the Cuckoo 's Nest In many events in our lives, we see others scarifies their lives in order to protect those they care for, just like Christ was crucified for our sins. During our life time, we encounter many challenging situations that makes us recall to the passion of Christ. McMurphy makes a bet with the other patients that he can make Nurse Ratched lose her power. With many intents of destroying….

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    To be successful, a visual or oral text must have lovable characters.