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The manual sets standards for minimum facilities that must be provided to the labourers while adhering to the established environment, health and safety laws. It also recommends providing recreational amenities for them. Municipal authorities regularly inspect the accommodations. The National. Gulf News. According to UN World Happiness Report , the UAE came first in the Arab world for the third consecutive year and ranked 21st as the happiest globally, advancing eight ranks.

The UAE would, however, rank 12th globally if only UAE nationals were taken into account, as the report included a separate table of results for nationals and non-nationals in some Gulf countries with varying scores. It was placed ahead of some of other advanced countries like France at 32nd rank , Spain at 37th rank and Italy at 50th rank.

The report recognises that the UAE is amongst the four countries in the world that have a Minister of Happiness in their Cabinet. The UAE has maintained its leading position in the Arab World since the report was launched four years ago; thus, realising its remarkable achievements in the political, economic, social, educational, health, tourism and environmental fields.

Dubai Plan addresses the urban environment including both natural and built assets, and looks at the living experience of the people of Dubai. It focuses other aspects such as economy too.

The Plan is divided into 6 themes. The first theme, 'The people', aims to achieve their happiness. Happiness Meter is one of Dubai's first strategic 'smart city' initiatives. The metre represents a measurement of the happiness goal. Through a centralised data dashboard, a map of happiness across the city will allow private sector and government entities that host happiness metre touch points, to relate and rank customer experiences within industry sectors and geographic areas, as well as differentiate between direct and web based interactions.

It is among the first of its kind in the world to measure experiences across an entire city, including private sector and government entities in parallel. Dubai Government has launched a happiness portal to measure happiness of Dubai's visitors and residents.


Disclaimer: You are using Google Translate. The UAE mGovernment is not responsible for the accuracy of information in the translated language. Happiness The UAE is keen on promoting happiness. The programme covers three areas: inclusion of happiness in the policies, programmes and services of all government bodies and at work promotion of positivity and happiness as a lifestyle in the community development of benchmarks and tools to measure happiness.

Some of the initiatives are: Appointing CEOs for happiness and positivity at all government bodies Establishing councils for happiness and positivity at federal entities Allocating time for happiness-related programmes and activities at the federal government Establishing offices for happiness and positivity Transforming customer service centres into customer happiness centres Including annual indexes, surveys and reports to measure happiness in all community segments Adoption of a standard form for corporate happiness and positivity at all government bodies.

Appointing CEOs for happiness The competent minister or the board chairman will appoint CEOs of happiness and positivity, with a view to enhance the culture of happiness and positivity.

Dubai Is A Very Young Tourist Destination Tourism Essay

Establishing councils for happiness and positivity at federal entities The council for happiness and positivity will include representatives of various sectors and areas. Allocating time in federal entities for happiness-related programmes and activities These activities aim at instilling happiness and positivity culture inside the federal government entity or outside to ensure community happiness.

The formula consists of three main components: Employees who take pride in providing excellent government services Government entities that are dedicated to making customers happy Positive and proactive customers who are willing to provide suggestions and contribute to the development of innovative services that creates happiness.

Training for Chief Happiness and Positivity Officers In July , the UAE Government announced that 60 Chief Happiness and Positivity Officers from federal and local government entities will undergo training to understand the 'science of happiness' and implement it. The training programme consists of five pillars which are: the science of happiness and positivity mindfulness leading a happy team happiness and policies in government work measuring happiness. Source: The National Gulf News. UAE also ranked first globally regarding the satisfaction of residents from other countries.

Happiness in Dubai Government Dubai Plan addresses the urban environment including both natural and built assets, and looks at the living experience of the people of Dubai. Was this information helpful? Although there are certainly areas suitable for younger children, teens will probably get the most out of the high-octane slides like the Tower of Neptune and Torrent River. Parents can chill on the beach while their teens go off on their own in this western-friendly environment.

Feel comfortable exploring and relaxing here, just as you would on any beach in Miami or San Diego. Stroll through the many fascinating chambers of this aquarium, designed to recreate the Lost City of Atlantis as it might look below the ocean waves. Swoosh and swivel down slopes of real snow as you enjoy the arctic chill around you. Skiers, snowboarders, toboggan-riders, and more are all welcome. Plus, there are even some wild inhabitants that roam the park everyone once in a while, so keep an eye out for Gentoo and King penguins. Leave the Dubai Marina itself a very cool sight , and head out to see major landmarks like the Palm, the Burj Al Arab, and more.

Your teens will delight in the chance to get splashed around on this exhilarating ride! This educational and enjoyable attraction is designed to mimic a real rainforest, including levels like The Canopy and the Flooded Rainforest floor.

10+ Things to Do in Dubai for Teens - Go Dubai Card

This Hollywood-inspired resort is the perfect place for your teens to see why Dubai can do it all bigger and better than almost anywhere else in the world. Explore areas like Columbia Pictures, Dreamworks, Lionsgate, and much more.


If your teens love the magic and delight of Bollywood cinema, then a trip to Bollywood Parks Dubai is a must. IMG Worlds of Adventure is another top destination the whole family will love. Americans especially love the Cartoon Network area of the park, where you can enjoy rides and attractions that are inspired by things like Adventure Time , The Amazing World of Gumball , Powerpuff Girls , and more.

Of course, there are also plenty of other great rides to explore, like the Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure Zone — sure to be a big hit with kids of all ages. Located in the famed Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium is top option for visiting teens. Then, the Underwater Zoo is home to the only slightly terrifying King Croc, and Australian crocodile that weight over pounds! Check out his impressive habitat and marvel at his massive size. Big Bus Dubai offers three loops, each featuring exciting sights from around the city that your teens will love to photograph.

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  5. The Blue Tour in particular offers plenty of beachy-fun! At the Top offers unparalleled, degree sights from the tallest building in the world.

    Dubai: Arab Youth Prefer UAE Over US, UK and Canada Why?

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