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Findings described from subject's point-of-view Researcher identifies themes Structural explanation of findings is developed.

How to Write a Qualitative Research Paper

Method - steps occur simultaneously; a constant comparative process. Data collection - interview, observation, record review, or combination. Purpose - describe and examine events of the past to understand the present and anticipate potential future effects. Outcomes - select means of presentation - biography, chronology, issue paper.

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Purpose - describe in-depth the experience of one person, family, group, community, or institution. Involvement with subject's experience Live with data collection until no new information appears. Researcher suspends what is known about the phenomenon Keeping an open context Set aside own preconceptions.

The findings write up should demonstrate that the conclusions of the study were primarily reached based on what the participants expressed, showed and shared.

Usually, this section will include direct quotations from data collection to substantiate the points made by the researcher. Too often, novice qualitative researchers stay at the descriptive level when they present their findings. Qualitative research should reveal more abstract aspects of the phenomenon and dive deep to help the reader understand them. Alternative explanations should be reviewed.

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These points should also be considered when we are writing up our own qualitative research. While there is some overlap, there are also some pointers specific to quantitative research methods. Here we outline a quick checklist you can use when doing an appraisal of a qualitative paper : Is the article addressing an important clinical or theoretical problem? Is the purpose of the study clear?

Is qualitative methodology best suited for the problem?

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Is the research methodology congruent with data collection methods? Has a rich description of the study been provided? Is the analysis well described? Does the findings section reflect the experiences of the participants? Do the findings go beyond the descriptive level?

How to Write a Qualitative Research Paper

Do the findings answer the research question s? At the end, the reader should be certain that the purpose of the study was fulfilled.

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  4. Have the findings been discussed against other research in the field? April 20, at pm.

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