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Or follow along with mattboldt. Fantastic article. Thanks so much for that link. He is right, it is such a cool and useful effect.

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I will try it with the video and let you know if it worked. S Jung S Jung 73 7 7 bronze badges. Well, if you visit the sight www. But, I will agree with you in as much as it is 'almost' impossible to achieve given the infinite resolutions. I disagree in the sense that you can probably write the code to accomplish this, but it will be complex and involved. I'm trying to find a happy in-between.

I have images I want to fit the viewport size and know that the whole image appeared and did not cut off important text at the bottom. I have spent the day experimenting, researching, copying code, writing code, modifying code The problem is that it IS video.

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If it was just content, it could be satisfactorily and dynamically rearranged to still look good with out losing important content. And that would be the case here if I did not need an exact fit. The whole thing is literally hurting my head. I have had a bad headache all day tackling this.

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You guys are great. Quickly and easily create widget areas and insert them anywhere into your content. Create widget areas and insert them into a post or page with a shortcode Create blocks of widgets with up to 5 widget columns Equalize the width of each widget column or specify each individual width Customize the fonts, font style, font family and font colors and backgrounds for each widget area Learn more about this plugin.

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  4. Bring flexibility to your sidebar configuration with Sub Sidebars. Create up to 10 Sub Sidebars Add the Sub Sidebars to either sidebar 1 or 2, specifying whether they are attached to the top or the bottom Select which Sub Sidebars are displayed on which pages or posts from the page or post edit screen Learn more about this plugin.

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    Useful when using posts for products in an ecommerce site and you don't want those product posts to show up on your blog Select any number of categories that you don't wish to display on your posts page Selecting a category is as easy as putting a check in a box beside its name Learn more about this plugin. Footer Row 1 - Widget Column 1 This is your new sidebar. Add widgets here from your WP Dashboard just like normal.

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    Footer Row 1 - Widget Column 2 This is your new sidebar. Footer Row 1 - Widget Column 3 This is your new sidebar.

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    Footer Row 1 - Widget Column 4 This is your new sidebar. Footer Row 2 - Widget Column 1 This is your new sidebar. Huge range of choices You can use these setting to create some very stunning backgrounds. Background Color You can choose a color scheme color called a skin color a custom color and opacity.

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