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For that, find out if your chosen colleges require such essays.

Should the SAT Essay Be Five Paragraphs?

You can complete the registration on the College Board website , or fill in the Student Registration Booklet and send it by email. Ask your school counselor for this booklet. Make sure the photo and info match with those in your ID. Also, pay a registration fee. Many educational blogs and websites wrote about it because it was the year of the biggest change to this test, and it impacted students greatly.

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Check here for details. It requires a more argumentative and analytical approach from students. Graders can see your critical thinking skills, not just your personal opinion on a given theoretical prompt. He shared the complete guide to the SAT new rules and its most meaningful changes for students.


Lucky you are, the SAT essay structure is similar to any standard academic paper teachers asked you to write in class. Known as a 5-paragraph essay , its basic parts are:. Given that you have 50 minutes for writing the SAT essay, make sure to allocate this time like a boss:. So, here we have the first step to writing a good SAT essay: read the prompt before the passage.

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After that, read the sample passage carefully. Underline the evidence and examples you can use to answer the prompt in your essay. So, when reading the passage, identify his central claim and instruments he uses to support it reasoning, evidence, stylistic elements. Focus on the most relevant and persuasive ones. State your thesis. Stay objective when reading the passage and then creating your central claim. Write the draft , with an essay conclusion restating your thesis and summarizing the whole paper. Check your SAT essay: make sure to use effective language and word choice.

Use a variety of sentence structures but stay clear and informative. So, avoid low-level vocabulary, correct all spelling and grammar mistakes, and check if you use the right transitional phrases to describe relationships between the arguments in your essay. Everyone loves tips, especially if they help to achieve goals and conquer new peaks. And when your goal is a high score for an SAT essay, you need tips more than ever. Keep in mind that you don't have to personally agree with your thesis, you just have to be able to use examples to support whatever you choose. Let's say that a thesis here could be 'By choosing to develop just one talent, young people have the opportunity to excel in an area; this dedication and commitment will serve them well moving forward in many other aspects of their lives.

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These should be directly related to your thesis and the prompt. Here, to support your thesis, you would want to pick examples of two young people who focused specifically on one talent and were extremely successful. These 2 examples are from different 'areas' Ex. Science, politics, history, literature , and will make your essay appear 'well-rounded.

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  • Start each paragraph with a sentence introducing your example, and then write about how it supports your thesis. For example:. As shown by her win, she was able to excel in this sport, which required persistence, diligence, talent, and drive. After this tremendous success, she went onto excel in college, advocate for many philanthropic causes, and continue to pursue her skating. Although this is a very basic paragraph, it does explain your example and emphasize the relevance with regard to your thesis.

    After both of your body paragraphs, you should wrap up with a quick conclusion. This should concisely wrap up your essay.

    The first sentence should be pretty specific to your thesis and examples: "Sarah Hughes and Emma Watson represent single-minded young adults who were able to achieve excellence in one field and then use that to later pursue other interests. After that, the essay can be broadened again: "Although it may be said that their initial experiences were limited, they did not appear to suffer in the long term.

    Ultimately, young people who are initially focused on one area are still able to develop other interests and are not limited within their field. Although the SAT essay can be frustrating, approaching it in a step-wise, strategic manner can make it easy to write a cohesive essay in the short 25 minute time period.

    The good news is you no longer have to brainstorm specific examples from books, current events, politics, etc.! Everything you need to write your essay is in the passage presented in the prompt. As with the previous SAT essay, you will have a page of scratch paper to plan your essay before you write it, and you will handwrite your essay in the lined pages of your answer booklet.

    Remember your handwriting must be legible — either print or cursive is fine — but make sure to use every line and avoid wide margins. Here are some additional facts about the new SAT essay:. Your final SAT essay scores would be:. The range of scores within each category is minimum is two scores of 1 in each category, maximum is two scores of 4 in each category.

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    Read through the rest of our SAT Essay tips to learn how you can maximize your score. This prompt is exactly the same for both official sample essays, and will likely be the exact same on your SAT essay. Next comes the actual text of the passage. At the end of the passage, you will see instructions in the following format:. Be sure that your analysis focuses on the most relevant features of the passage. Notice how the instructions here align closely with the SAT essay rubric. In order to effectively write the SAT essay, plan to write 5-paragraphs.

    Possible techniques can include:.