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Slouching Towards Bethlehem is a collection of essays by Joan Didion that mainly describes her experiences in California during the s. It takes its title from the poem " The Second Coming " by W.

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The title essay describes Didion's impressions of the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco during the neighborhood's heyday as a countercultural center. In contrast to the more utopian image of the milieu promoted by counterculture sympathizers then and now, Didion offers a rather grim portrayal of the goings-on, including an encounter with a pre-school-age child who was given LSD by her parents.

One critic describes the essay as "a devastating depiction of the aimless lives of the disaffected and incoherent young," with Didion positioned as "a cool observer but not a hardhearted one.

At the time I started doing these pieces it was not considered a good thing for writers to put themselves front and center, but I had this strong feeling you had to place yourself there and tell the reader who that was at the other end of the voice. Didion originally wrote the piece as an assignment for The Saturday Evening Post in In her preface to the book, Didion writes, "I went to San Francisco because I had not been able to work in some months, had been paralyzed by the conviction that writing was an irrelevant act, that the world as I had understood it no longer existed.

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If I was to work again at all, it would be necessary for me to come to terms with disorder. The book was immediately favourably received; its popularity continued to grow and become a "phenomenon" with a devoted readership in subsequent years.

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In The New York Times Book Review , novelist and screenwriter Dan Wakefield wrote, "Didion's first collection of nonfiction writing, Slouching Towards Bethlehem , brings together some of the finest magazine pieces published by anyone in this country in recent years. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

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She narrated that Las Vegas weddings can be celebrated anytime the couple wishes to have it. All that one need is for the bride to be eighteen years old, the groom to be twenty one and a five dollar for the license. We will write a custom essay sample on Marrying Absurd or any similar topic only for you. Joan Didion describes how the Las Vegas weddings have taken away the essence of what a marriage is.

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That marriage is a sacrament which should be taken seriously and solemnly. Holy Matrimony is a sacred rite.


Marrying Absurd by Joan Didion

It is a special event because it holds a special meaning to the bride and groom. It conveys that one gives herself totally to one person for purposes of creating a family.

It represents love and honor. It regards husband and wife as symbols of the nuptial of Christ and his church. It is a contractual bond for eternity. It is not simply saying I will love you for only one and a half year and be married to you only within that time.

Marriage is the communion of two families as well.

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It is not simply you and me. It includes extended families of your in-laws, their friends and relations. Hence, it is a major decision to take on, which should be thought over many times and not simply at the spur of the moment.